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Getting to Grips with Google Analytics

5.2 Landing Pages

This is another good report to work out what landing pages best lead to conversions. A conversion could be anything, it could be time on site, pages a session, goal completion, a sale, it doesn’t really matter.

You can find this report in the Behaviour > Site content > Landing Pages

Landing Page report

The report tells you about the first page that people are ‘landing on’ in your website from all sources.

So you can start to see what ‘themes’ people are interested in, or ‘problems’ people have that actually lead to conversions. Some themes might be more popular and drive lots of traffic than others, but don’t convert as well. A question to ask yourself about this report is: What themes are most likely to lead to conversion?

To see meaningful data for conversions, its important to look at the report for a longer timeline period. Maybe over a three month period but not less than a month, if possible. This will take into consideration the people who visit, but don’t convert immediately. They might visit your blog, like what they see and come back again, or sign up to your newsletter or follow you on social media. Then, one day, with a relationship in place, come back again to complete your site’s macro goal by making a purchase, for example.

The more time you allow for analysing landing page data, the more accurate and actionable the insights will be. Once you have good data insights you can start expanding on the themes and content types that do well.

Examples of questions to ask yourself include:

  • What type of content performed best?
  • Which themes had a direct correlation to conversions?
  • Are there high performing themes or post types I can focus on to drive more conversions and volume?

You can also find the most popular content within the same section as landing pages:

Behaviour > Site Content > All Pages

Use this as you would use the landing page analysis to work out pages that are the most popular on your website as well as which pages lead to conversions.