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Course Delivery

Our programs are delivered through Supported Blended Learning. This delivery style offers maximum flexibility so you can balance part-time study with work and other commitments.

You can study with us from anywhere. Every module starts with a live web-based tutorial, or ‘webinar’, but if you can’t make it, no problem, we’ll post the recording to our study portal.

Supported blended learning

The Australian College of Marketing’s style of distance learning is called supported ‘Blended Learning’. This means that you study on your own, either at home or wherever suits you – reading, watching or listening to material supplied, doing activities and assignments with regular support from your tutor.

  • Blended learning means that you will be learning in your own time by reading study material, working on activities, writing assignments.
  • Supported means support from your tutor and from other ACM staff based in Australia.

You also have the opportunity to interact with other students through the ACM Study Portal and live web-based tutorials at the start of each module.

What’s included

We provide a full package of support during your study with us.

  • Live webinars – each module starts with a live web-based study session to introduce the module, your tutor, and fellow students.
  • Study portal – a wealth of multimedia study materials, including recorded lectures, self-assessment quizzes, podcasts, case studies, and the opportunity to network and share ideas with other students through online forums.
  • Tutor support – through live webinars, email and our study portal.
  • Study timetable – we provide a structured learning experience with clear guidelines for the time required for each week’s activities, along with assignment deadlines. This helps you stay on track and motivated to complete your qualification.
  • Assessment fees – there are no additional assessment fees for qualifications awarded by the Digital Marketing Association (DMA) and the University of California Irvine’s Department of Continuing Education.
  • Certification – awarded by the Digital Marketing Association (DMA) and University of California Irvine’s Department of Continuing Education.

There are no additional fees or mandatory textbooks required for DMA and UCI qualifications.

However, Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) qualifications require additional expenditure for textbooks, and CIM membership and assessment fees.