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UCI Postgraduate Diploma in Social Media Studies

  • Start date: 23 July 2023
  • Duration: 12 months approx (less with RPL)
  • Entry: Any degree or marketing experience
  • Delivery: Supported blended learning (part time)
  • Level: Masters

This Postgraduate Diploma addresses the many issues and challenges associated with the explosion of social media as a marketing tool.

It will help you achieve your organisation’s objectives through a social-media strategy that delivers competitive advantage.

A rigorous and specialised digital-marketing qualification developed in conjunction with the University of California Irvine and the Digital Marketing Association, UK.

  • Accredited by the University of California, Irvine
  • Postgraduate – specialise in the strategy and tactics of social-media marketing
  • Supported – dedicated local support through our Study Portal (Request Free Trial)
  • Practical – hands-on learning with practical ‘tool time’
  • Credit available for your existing marketing qualifications
  • Work-based assignments to put it into practice and build a portfolio

Course Modules

To be awarded the Postgraduate Diploma in Social Media you’ll need to complete a minimum of 9 credits. The module ‘Digital Marketing Concepts’ is mandatory, but RPL is available.

  • Digital Marketing Concepts (2 credits)
  • Social Media and Online Audience Profiling (2 credits)
  • Utilising and Integrating Social Media Channels (2 credits)
  • Social Media Measurement and Evaluation (2 credits)
  • Strategic Social Media Planning (2 credits)
  • Content Marketing (1.5 credits)
  • Blogging for Business (2 credits)

Request a Syllabus for more details.

For entry onto this Postgraduate Diploma you should have a degree or vocational equivalent in any subject.

If English is not your first language, you will need IELTS 6.5 or Trinity ISE III/IV.

To study this qualification you will need internet access, preferably broadband, in order to log onto our online Study Portal and download multimedia resources.

Apart from a web browser, the only software requirements are a PDF reader plus standard office automation software, such as Microsoft Office or similar.

Qualification with RPL: $3680*

Qualification no RPL: $4475

Module fee: $895

* Includes $100 RPL admin fee.

All fees are tax deductable and can be spread over the duration of the qualification. We can also provide a Direct Debit facility that incurs no additional fees.

Fees are tax deductible. They can also be spread over the duration of the qualification, and Direct Debit is available at no additional cost.

Fees include:

  • Live webinars – each module starts with a live web-based study session that provides an introduction, and an opportunity to meet your tutor and fellow marketing professionals.
  • Study portal – a wealth of multimedia study materials, including recorded tutorials with downloadable notes pages, interactive self-assessment quizzes, and the opportunity to network with other students through forums.
  • Tutor support – dedicated support through live webinars, email and our study portal.
  • UCI assignment marking – assessment marking fees are included.
  • UCI Certificatation – awarded by University of California Irvine Extension

There is no requirement to purchase textbooks.

A maximum of one exemption is available.

There is an exemption from the module ‘Digital Marketing Concepts’ if you have one of the following:

  • CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • A digital-marketing qualification (at Level 4 or above) from an accredited institution

Alternatively, an exemption is available if you can show that you have covered a module’s syllabus (at Level 4 or above) through an accredited institution.