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Writing a Digital Marketing Plan

6 Tactics

This area of the plan details how ‘exactly’ are you going to fulfil the objectives.

It’s all about the tactical tools, which ones are right for your target audience, and how are you going to reach them through these tools. That sort of thing.

Without the groundwork of completing the other stages, you’d stand a very good chance of wasting time and money here. And this is where a lot of folk go wrong – by jumping straight in at the tactics stage, the choice of tactics tends to be based on ‘gut feel’, rather than tangible strategy.

And some questions to consider at this stage include:

  • Which tactical tools are you going to use to reach your target audience?
  • How will your choice of tools allow you to target the intended audience?
  • How will you convey your online value proposition?
  • What do you need to develop in terms of a emails, posts, ads, landing pages along with lead-capture bait such as a newsletter, voucher, white paper, etc.
  • How will you select the right content in terms of imagery, copy, call-to-action, etc.
  • Is there any supporting set-up required? For example, set up UTM codes through URL Builder and conversion goals in Google Analytics.