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Writing a Digital Marketing Plan

5 Strategy

Strategy is about how you plan to get where you want to go in terms of fulfilling the objectives. This part of your plan should also identify the market segments you aim to target.

It involves analysing the information you gathered during the first stage of the plan, Situation Analysis. This is where a SWOT Analysis that goes into honest detail about your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses should really help.

Some of the questions to consider at this stage include:

  • Who is the target audience for your strategy?
  • Which segments is your strategy going to target?
  • What activities are your competitors engaged in that relates to your objectives? For example, if they have a weak Facebook presence, this might be a channel to investigate in terms of reaching your target audience.
  • What are the activities and behaviour of your target audience that relate to the objectives? For example, if your audience is particularly active on Facebook, then it might be a channel worth focusing on for your campaign.
  • What is your Online Value Proposition? In other words, how are you going to differentiate yourself online? This applies even if your actual sale is offline, or you don’t makes sales at all, if you’re a charity, for example.