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Writing a Digital Marketing Plan

6.1 Marketing Mix

To help achieve the plan’s objectives, consider the 7 ‘P’s of the Marketing Mix to focus on the key attributes to be considered by your organisation. The marketing mix also provides a checklist of key areas to focus on the following.


For example, how do you plan to ensure that there will be sufficient stock of the product being promoted?


A consideration here is whether the pricing of your plan’s products or services have been reviewed. Is pricing consistent with your online competition?


For example, for an online retailer, this might relate to the efficient and reliable delivery of physical products to customers.


This is about considering the many digital marketing tools available to you. Which tools are the most appropriate to reach your target market and create a unique selling point.


How will your organisation’s staff help acheive the plan’s objectives? For example, do customer service staff need to information about a special offer to be promoted as part of your marketing plan? Do they need additional training around the promoted products or services? Would introduction of ‘Live Chat’ help acheive objectives?


What is required so that a customer will be able to progress seamlessly from landing on your site to making an order to receiving the goods?


List important strategic relationships with other companies that operate in non-competing sectors that have become an important selling point to differentiate itself from other online competitors.