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The Independent: Marketing Education

Marketing Education

In this article, independent journalist and marketing consultant, Linda Loose, takes a closer look at CIM qualifications and talks to Australian College of Marketing students about their educational experiences.

Jonathan Pratt, marketing director of StudyLink, already knew a fair bit about qualifications before he decided to go back to study himself. This former international marketing manager at Monash University says he didn’t have to think too hard about which qualification he’d pursue.

“I completed the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Professional Diploma in the UK and really enjoyed it,” Jonathan explains. “It was more rigorous and challenging than most academic work I’ve done. The networks I developed from it have been exceptionally valuable. And there’s nothing else that’s recognised around the world like this is.”

So when Jonathan decided to pursue his next educational milestone here in Australia, he went to the Australian College of Marketing – the only CIM study centre in the country. He’s currently working toward his next CIM qualification, the Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing. And he says he’s finding the experience just as challenging, and just as rewarding.

Jonathan Pratt is just one of the Australian College of Marketing students I’ve been chatting with about their educational experiences. As a sometime teacher, and perpetual student, I was intrigued when I heard that these globally recognised qualifications had come to our shores. And I thought I’d dig a bit deeper into just what CIM was all about.

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