“Chartered Institute of Marketing qualifications are relevant, rigorous and transportable across the world and acknowledged as being credible.

“Studying for a CIM qualification will challenge you, develop your skills as a marketer, and make you more international.”

Prof Steve Worthington

Department of Marketing
Monash University

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What to study

Our Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) qualifications offer professional development at all stages of your career and a pathway to prestigious Masters and Chartered Marketer status.

Unsure which qualification is right for you?

Professional Certificate

If marketing plays a role in your work, this qualification will equip you with the skills to devise and execute marketing activities. It is equivalent to the first year of a Degree in Marketing.

Professional Diploma

If you are in a marketing role or have already studied marketing, this qualification will improve your skills at the strategic level. Equivalent to the final year of an Honours Degree in Marketing.

Chartered Postgraduate Diploma

If you have strategic experience and have already studied marketing, this truly postgraduate program will prepare you for the highest levels of management and award you Chartered Marketer status.

Master of Management
(Chartered Marketer)

Offered in conjunction with Charles Sturt University, this unique and challenging dual program leads to two internationally recognised qualifications.

Master of Marketing

The Chartered Postgraduate Diploma entitles you to 50% credit on a Masters program at
Monash University, Swinburne University and
Charles Sturt University

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