CIM Relaunches and Rebrands

Chartered Institute of Marketing logos

The World's oldest and largest marketing organisation, the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), has relaunched with a new identity and a plan to become 'more relevant and engaging'.

The CIM's new visual identity has dropped the red and black, and its crest is now alongside the acronym rather than as the dot of the 'I'. Dropping the red signifies a break from the past while the more prominent crest represents the organisation’s 104-year history.

However, the new logo is just one aspect of the relaunch. After consulting thousands of members over the past year, the CIM has set itself the long-term aims of becoming a catalyst for debate and to lift the profession’s standing.

With these aims in mind, the CIM has launched the 'The Marketing 2025 Hackathon'. The CIM is hoping marketers throughout the world will use this platform to explore themes, challenges and solutions to some of the key issues facing marketers.

Anne Godfrey, chief executive of CIM, says that the hope is to "future proof the CIM". And according to Godfrey, "For CIM it means driving collaboration and innovation as the ‘catalyst of collective intelligence’".

Godfrey says the CIM had to and needs to continue to change to remain relevant.

“CIM like all the other bodies has a model problem in that what we offered only 5-10 years ago. Only we could offer [certain things then] and then the internet happened and content was freely available, people networked. People shared and got information in different ways so CIM like others had to reinvent.

“We have reacted quite well but probably weren’t as good at being relevant as we could have been but I don’t think we are alone.

“What we have done in the last 2-3 years has been quite special. We’ve reacted well to that challenge”.