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The Future of Mobile Marketing

A phone is no longer just a phone, it’s a handheld computer that just happens to make phone calls. This paper considers where this exciting area of marketing could progress in the near future. Mobile marketing is not a case of adding banners or intrusive ads but rather to find innovative, creative and customer-tailored ways to reach people. Opportunities presented by apps and the ubiquity of mobile phones give marketers new and different ways to get their messages across. Log on to download


What hasn’t happended yet: The shape of digital to come?

There is an assumption that the internet opens up a world of possibilities, but in reality, people tend to stick to the same five or six sites they know and trust. Within these ‘villages’, the marketer is replacing the shopkeeper – offering the customer things they might not spot themselves, and recommending and suggesting alternatives. With people self-selecting the villages they inhabit, marketers need to ensure they have a presence in those places, rather than trying to drive customers to their own sites. Log on to download


Tomorrow’s word: Re-evaluating the role of marketing

What’s the role of marketing? It seems an obvious question, but choosing one answer is elusive and likely to be incomplete. As the profession has become more diverse, the balance of power has shifted in favour of the customer, who now has more control of the relationship than ever before thanks to technology. As the role of the customer has altered, so too the role of marketing needs to change in response.   Log on to download

Less smoke more fire

Lesss moke more fire: The benefits and impact of social marketing

Social marketing is the application of commercial marketing practices and other techniques, such as social science, for social good. Smoking cessation initiatives, environmental projects, reducing crime and drugs usage, and promoting the benefits of exercise and responsible drinking are all examples of social marketing that have been undertaken with notable success in recent years.   Log on to download

The future of marketing capacity

The future for marketing capability

As world-wide economic commentators begin to talk of ‘green shoots’, returning confidence and a stabilisation of financial markets, business leaders and management teams are turning their attention to the future.   Log on to download


Marketing and the Triple Bottom Line

While companies are increasingly aware of their need to commit to sustainable business practices, few have a coherent strategy for sustainability. And many managers still think that ‘the business of business is business’ – leaving politicians to worry about saving the planet. The Stern Report has shown the fallacy of this line of thinking. Campanies need to engage with the principles of the Triple Bottom Line – economic, social and environmental – as a practical method to become more sustainable.   Log on to download


Keep calm and carry on marketing: Marketing in a recession

In troubled times, many organisations are tempted to cut back on their marketing spend. This paper shows the folly of such a short-term approach, and highlights the long-term damage such cuts can have on brand and profitability.   Log on to download

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