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Chartered Postgraduate Diploma

This qualification has two stages:

Stage 1: Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing
Stage 2: Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing

The first stage comprises four modules. The second involves a work-based project and awards you Chartered Marketer status and 50% credit on a Masters program.

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Is this qualification for me?

If you are a marketing professional with substantial experience, this qualification will equip you with the skills to progress to the highest levels of management.

The program focuses on the strategic aspects of marketing management central to an organisation’s success in today’s competitive business environment. You will develop the latest skills and knowledge required to apply effective marketing strategy and planning.

What are the entry criteria?

You should have experience in a senior marketing role plus one of the following:

  • CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing or CIM Advanced Certificate in Marketing
  • A bachelors or masters degree (or equivalent) with at least half the credits in marketing

If English is not your first language, you also need IELTS 6.5 or Trinity ISE III/IV.

What are the benefits?

This qualification will elevate your status as ‘professional practitioner’ in the field of marketing who can contribute to an organisation’s success.

You will be able to:

  • apply knowledge of complex and emerging strategic marketing practices
  • use creative and innovative approaches to implement measurable improvements in
    marketing practice
  • demonstrate effective and innovative leadership
  • demonstrate the relationship between theory and professional practice

What are the modules?

Stage 1: Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing
After completing the following four modules you will be awarded the Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing:

  • Emerging Themes
    This module involves critically evaluating the impact of a range of new and emerging themes in marketing, business organisations and the changing marketing environment. It will help you build and refine the skills necessary to anticipate and adapt to future changes.
  • Analysis and Decision
    This module involves performing a strategic audit of an organisation. The audit entails assessing the capability and capacity to deliver business and marketing strategy, and recommending a strategic option based on a critical evaluation of those available.
  • Marketing Leadership and Planning
    This module involves developing high-level marketing strategy to deliver an organisation’s value proposition and business goals in the short, medium and long terms. You will analyse the corporate strategy, determine a range of high-level marketing and relationship strategies, and demonstrate how these strategies will deliver growth, CSR goals, ethics and key strategic decisions.
  • Managing Corporate Reputation
    This unit explores the ways in which an organisation can minimise the gap between how it wants to be seen and the way stakeholders actually perceive it. It also looks at potential problems related to this gap such as underperformance, destabilisation, financial difficulties, leadership change, fall in market value, and difficulty in raising finance and recruiting.

Stage 2: Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing
After completing the following research project you will be awarded the Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, Chartered Marketer status and 50% credit towards a Masters program:

  • Leading Marketing
    This double module is a work-based project that involves taking a key emerging theme identified in the Emerging Themes module and applying it to your organisation. The project has three components: project definition (including a literature review), project implementation and assessment, and review and self evaluation.

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What are the computer requirements?

To study this qualification you will need internet access, preferably broadband, in order to log onto our online Study Portal and to participate in online tutorials. You will also need a headset that incorporates a microphone to plug into your computer during tutorials.

Apart from a web browser, the only software requirements are a suitable media player and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Both are available free of charge.



Either: intensive study days plus part-time distance learning, or purely part-time distance learning

Start date

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11 months


$1950 per module plus CIM membership and assessment fees


Entry to Stage 2



Supported independent study

Start date

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6 to 12 months


$3990 plus CIM membership and assessment fees


Provides 50% credit on a Masters program

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