“Chartered Institute of Marketing qualifications are relevant, rigorous and transportable across the world and acknowledged as being credible.

“Studying for a CIM qualification will challenge you, develop your skills as a marketer, and make you more international.”

Prof Steve Worthington

Department of Marketing
Monash University

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Chartered Postgraduate Diploma

This qualification has two stages:

Stage 1: Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing
Stage 2: Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing

The first stage comprises four modules. The second requires you to complete a research project and awards you Chartered Marketer status and 50% credit on a Masters program.

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Is this qualification for me?

If you are a marketing professional with substantial experience, this qualification will equip you with the skills to progress to the highest levels of management.

The program focuses on the strategic aspects of marketing management central to an organisation’s success in today’s competitive business environment. You will develop the latest skills and knowledge required to apply effective marketing strategy and planning.

What are the entry criteria?

You should have experience in a senior marketing role plus one of the following:

  • CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing or CIM Advanced Certificate in Marketing
  • A bachelors or masters degree (or equivalent) with at least half the credits in marketing
  • Suffient marketing experience to pass the CIM online entrance assessment for this qualification

If English is not your first language, you also need IELTS 6.5 or Trinity ISE III/IV.

What are the benefits?

This qualification will elevate your status as ‘professional practitioner’ in the field of marketing who can contribute to an organisation’s success.

You will be able to:

  • apply knowledge of complex and emerging strategic marketing practices
  • use creative and innovative approaches to implement measurable improvements in marketing practice
  • demonstrate effective and innovative leadership
  • demonstrate the relationship between theory and professional practice

What are the modules?

Stage 1: Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing
After completing the following four modules you will be awarded the Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing:

  • Emerging Themes
  • Analysis and Decision
  • Marketing Leadership and Planning
  • Managing Corporate Reputation

Stage 2: Chartered Marketer
After completing the following research project you will be awarded the Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, Chartered Marketer status and 50% credit towards a Masters program:

  • Leading Marketing (double module)


Course delivery


  • 8 intensive study days plus part-time distance learning
  • Purely part-time distance learning


Each of the 4 modules starts with 2 intensive study days, followed by 8 weeks distance learning requiring around 8 hours study per week

Start date

March 2011


11 months


$7800 ($1950 per module)


Provides entry to Stage 2


Course delivery

Supported independent study


6 to 12 months requiring around 8 hours per week

Start date

Contact us


6 to 12 months




Provides 50% credit on a Masters program

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